Wildfires and brush fires are a major threat to utility infrastructure. High replacement costs, downed lines, and associated outages are major liabilities. We work with U.S. and Canadian based utility companies to defend power poles from fire. For a small fraction of the cost of replacement (~5%) our products protect wooden utility poles from wildfire damage and extinguish poles ignited by lightning strikes.


“Sun Fire Defense’s coatings are a game changer in fire protection. I wish their products existed back when I was an active fire fighter. This is helping save homes and property.”
Will Spryison, 36 year fire fighter and Retired Division Chief of US Forest Service, Angeles National Forest

FireShield Utility Pole Wraps

FireShield Wraps are a thin sheath that fits snugly over utility poles and can be permanently installed, or deployed at a moment’s notice to protect utility poles in imminent danger of fire. The sheaths are easy to install and are removable and reusable. The wool-ceramic fiber core will not burn, does not give off fumes, and insulates against temperatures of over 2300°F. The sheaths are installed at or just below ground level and are available in 5ft and 10ft heights. The wraps even protect older creosote treated poles. Defend your assets and investment with Sun Fire Defense.
  • 20+ year lifetime
  • Easy to install, removable/reusable
  • Protects wooden poles against brush fire and wildfire damage
  • Effective even on creosote treated poles
  • Available in 5ft and 10ft heights
  • Can be left in place permanently or used to protect infrastructure in imminent danger
CEO & Founder, Jim Moseley holds a 5000 degree MAPP gas torch to his hand with only a 1/2″ piece of FireShield material for protection

SPF 3000 Clear Spray (Utility Plus+ Solution)

SPF3000 Clear Spray is a pre- or post-treatment fire retardant that penetrates and bonds with utility poles to prevent ignition and spread of dangerous flames. It can be applied by spraying or dipping and dries clear and without residue. It will not alter the structural integrity of wood and is effective for multiple exposures to heat and fire. It has been rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials (flame spread 15). The formula also has inhibitors effective against rot, mold, mildew and termites.

Classification*  Class A Fire Retardant
Retarding Power  After treatment of retardant on most absorbent surfaces, there is little to no flame spread
Flame Rating* 30 Minutes
(During ASTM testing, test specimens (wood treated with SPF 3000) met the conditions of classification per ASTM E2768-11. The test specimen’s flame spread index was less than 25 and showed no evidence of significant progressive combustion during the 30-minute test period.)
Flame Spread Index*  15 (on a scale from 0 to 200)
Exterior Longevity  Effective for 5+ years after single application
Other Inhibitors  Good rot resistance. Contains mold/mildew inhibitors, effective against black mold. Good termite and pest resistance
Application  Spray or dip, pre- and post-treatment
Exposure & Toxicity Applied SPF 3000 is Non-toxic, non-combustible, non-carcinogenic, and contains no PBDEs. No components are believed to be hazardous or listed in the NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational Safety and Health Standards, 1988, or are listed as hazardous by SARA, CERCLA, or RCRA. No OSHA PEL’s are established for any of the other ingredients.
*Tested by NGC Testing Services, a NVLAP Accredited, IAS Accredited and California State Fire Marshal Approved laboratory. Ratings 25 and under are ‘Class A’ and are considered the most fire resistant building materials. The Flame Spread Index goes from 0 to 200+ with lower scores having less combustion risk. For example: reinforced concrete is rated a 0, and oak plywood is rated approximately 150). SPF 3000 Clear Spray’s rating test was performed with a single coating on unsealed Douglas Fir.


Reduce liabilities and protect utility poles from fire for a small fraction of the cost of replacement. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.
Untreated wood shipping pallet (left) vs. SPF 3000 treated pallet (right)


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