Wildland Fire Shelter and Fire Retardant Blanket

The fire shelter has been required to provide equipment for wildland firefighters since 1977. Since that time, shelters have saved the lives of more than 300 firefighters and have prevented hundreds of serious injuries. A new generation of fire retardant shelters are under development that will offer improved protection from both radiant and convective heat.

Sun FireDefense (SFD) has a newly designed Fire Shelter and Fire Retardant Blanket that are on their final step of development. These products have provided test results showing:

  • The National Association of State Foresters (NASF):cites more than 72,000 U.S. communities are now at risk from wildfire with wildland firefighter fatalities being a serious issue with over 9 million acres burned from January 1 to September 29, 2015.
  • National Interagency Fire Center researched survivable temperatures for humans: A tenable condition for humans is about 250F degrees. Humans can survive up to 300F degrees for a very short period of time. The fire shelter is the last line of defense when a wildland firefighter is facing a fire entrapmentFireDefense Fire Shelter2500F Wildland Fire Temperature – 2 minutes inside of Sun FireDefense Fire Shelter = 133F
    2500F Wildland Fire Temperature – 3 minutes inside of Sun FireDefense Fire Shelter = 155F
    2500F Wildland Fire Temperature – 4 minutes inside of Sun FireDefense Fire Shelter = 175F