For protection against open flames in your commercial building, SunFire Defense provides you with our SPF3000 Steel Structural Fire Blanket as well as other tools to help ensure that your commercial building is prepared for chance of a fire.


Structural Steel Protection

In regards to your commercial building, there are current regulations that require certain elements of the building structure to have fire resistance. This is so that there is some assured safety to the overall structure of the building, and will differ building to building. Finding out what the regulations for your commercial building will help you ensure that the steel structure is protected from open flame and fire damage. SunFire Defense has the products that will help you ensure that safety is prioritized in your building!


Road and Rail Tunnel Linings


Ceramic Fiber is pioneered for protection of grease and air ventilation ducts up to 2 hours with UL 1978. In order for it to be used in any road and rail tunnel linings, it must surpass the test requirements with extensive listings from major space and labor testing facilities. Using a spray that applies a protection solution, it is possible to prevent collapse of concrete tunnel linings in these types of tunnels. Our fire retardant products are tested to the RWS and HCM hydrocarbon fire curves for fire temperatures up to 1350°C. Single layer installation ensures that there is no waste during installation and an excellent surface finish to keep the tunnel looking as it should. Our product was fire tested and installed in the Mont Blanc tunnel for 4 hour fire protection of emergency refuges, and was successful. You can count on SunFire Defense to provide you with safety. 


Commercial-Installation-Beam_smSun FireDefense’s SPF3000 Steel Structural Fire Blanket

Our flame retardant blanket protects steel beams for fire periods of up to 2 hour rating to 1850F+, 1 hour rating to 2700F+, 30 minute rating to 3200F+. These blankets are easy to apply and are made to wrap complex shapes while only providing a low weight contribution to the structure as a whole. Protect the interior of tunnels with these blankets that are so simple to apply, and save yourself from having to repair long term damages because of open flame.



Cable Tray and Conduits

Our blanket is an ideal wrap for control and instrument cable trays. It is lightweight, easy, and quick to install with no toxic emissions. Each blanket is tested and approved to provide safety for both hydrocarbon and cellulosic fires.


Prevention of Fire Spread through Services and Penetrations
The blanket and loose bulk fiber pack movement joints and penetration seals. Expanding felt products for sealing movement joints. DoorSeal+ for sealing fire rated doors.


Fire Protection of Military Vessels
Fully tested fire protection solutions for 60 minute fire protection of military vessels. Structo-Gard® US Navy engineered military structural fire protection system for hydrocarbon fire protection of major combat vessels. Hydrocarbon Fire Protection of Bulkheads and Decks.


Jet and Hydrocarbon Fire Protection of Pipes and Vessels
This process for vessels in need of dry installation, can be applied in any temperature range reaction with heat can be used as thermal insulation to vessel. Easy and quick to install, there is no welding necessary to substrate the required Fire Barrier product for storage vessel fire protection.


Structural Steel Protection
Flexible blanket protects steel beams for fire periods of up to four hours. The blanket has a dry application that makes it easy to wrap complex shapes and while contributing a low weight to the structure. Through proprietary innovations, the weather resistant foil encapsulated blanket is able to be applied to the beam in a faster, more consistent and effective way by most any licensed contractor.


UL and Factory Mutual listed
This flame retardant blanket is perfect for steel door cores. It is lightweight and an acoustic insulator that is non-combustible. No smoke generated in a fire. This fire retardant blanket can maintain a density as low as 96kg/m∆ and provides lower weight than traditional fiber products. Testing has been done in many doors for marine buildings and industrial applications and provided protection from the fire for up to 120 minutes. The 200 board for solid door cores provides fire protection for over 60 minutes in timber fire doors. It meets the integrity and insulation requirements of the new EN fire test with weight savings of 20-50% compared to alternative door cores.


  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket Roof Systems protects your roof systems from fire penetration based upon the tested performance of insulating to achieve the required fire-resistance rating in accordance code.
  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket protects steel beams up to 3000 degree

·        Fire Blanket protection of structural steel elements