The impacts of losing ones home are devastating and the emotional and financial costs are extreme. It is something that no one should ever have to experience. Fires are the leading cause of structural damage and wildfires are progressively becoming more frequent and intense across the nation. When it comes to reducing wildfire risk it’s better to be proactive than reactive. That’s why we’ve created products that can be applied today to protect your home and valued possessions from future fires.

Untreated wood shipping pallet (left) vs. SPF 3000 treated pallet (right)

SPF 3000 Clear Spray

SPF 3000 Clear Spray is an innovative long-lasting fire retardant that provides protection against flames and burning embers, even at extreme temperatures. The aerospace-grade solution is a silicone-based ceramic formula that seals and bonds with wood and other building materials insulating against heat transfer and creating a self-extinguishing reaction when hit by fire. This prevents the ignition and spread of dangerous flames to treated surfaces. It is professionally applied to the exterior of a structure using an airless sprayer. SPF 3000 offers Class A fire protection to a variety of materials. Please contact us for a FREE onsite consultation and estimate.

Benefits of SPF 3000 Clear Spray:

• Prevents ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces
• Professionally applied to ensure you receive the intended protection
• Long lasting fire protection from a single application
• No messy cleanup like foams/gels/sprinklers 
• Dries clear and will not alter the integrity of your home
• Contains inhibitors effective against rot/mold/mildew and termites
• Rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials, with a Flame Spread Index of 15 when applied to wood* 
*Tested by NGC Testing Services, a NVLAP Accredited, IAS Accredited and California State Fire Marshal Approved laboratory. Ratings 25 and under are ‘Class A’ and are considered the most fire resistant building materials. The Flame Spread Index goes from 0 to 200+ with lower scores having less combustion risk. For example: reinforced concrete is rated a 0, and oak plywood is rated approximately 150). SPF 3000 Clear Spray’s rating test was performed with a single coating on unsealed Douglas Fir.

The SPF 3000 Application Process:

Structures are first pressure washed to remove dirt and debris. Next non-combustible surfaces, window panes, fixtures and plants are masked off or covered. Then the formula is sprayed on by a trained professional using an airless sprayer. In some cases it can also be brush applied. Then cleanup and any other fire prevention measures we are implemented, such as vent upgrades, deck enclosures or window treatments. The SPF3000 Clear Spray is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes, and will cure and become fully effective within 48 hours, providing long lasting exterior fire protection on treated surfaces.

The spray can be applied to nearly any porous surface. It’s a great add on when re-roofing or repainting and is compatible with water/latex based paints and stains. Application can take place at any time and during any season (although air temperature above freezing and below 100°F are required).

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“Twice over the past decade, my wife and I have seen the flames of wildfires approach the beautiful home we built. Sun Fire Defense was the only company we’ve come across that offered a fire retardant solution that wasn’t last-minute. The process of treating our house was straightforward and took less than a week. Knowing our home and treasured family heirlooms are better protected from fire has given us much greater peace of mind. Thank you!”

-Claude Cordus,  Homeowner in Rancho Santa Fe, California

ClearShield Laminates

ClearShield Laminates are crystal clear coatings applied to the inside of windows that insulate against heat and prevent panes from shattering under extreme temperatures or on impact. Think of them as a sort of a phone screen protector but for your windows. These coatings come with a 10-year warranty and provide energy savings and added security.

Benefits of ClearShield Laminate:

• Prevent blowout of windows in a fire
• Prevents breaking of glass during severe storms
• Insulates against extreme temperatures (may also reduce your homes heating/cooling costs)
• Makes windows shatter proof helping prevent accidents and increasing home security
• Holds panes in place and prevents dangerous shards during earthquakes

The Application Process:

Windows are measured and ClearShield laminate material is ordered from the warehouse. Windows are then checked for integrity and professionally cleaned and prepped. Next laminates are cut to size and applied to the windows using a fire resistant adhesive. Laminates take effect instantly and are generally effective for the lifetime of the window pane or frame. ClearShield Laminates are warrantied for 10 years. They are best applied to windows that have already been installed and work for double and single paned windows with a variety of framing types and materials. They can be used on nearly any size window.

FireShield Fabric (Fire Blanket/Covers)

These flexible wool-based ceramic fiber fire blankets will not burn and provide complete insulation. They utilize the same technology used by NASA to protect the space shuttle from the searing heat of atmospheric re-entry. FireShield fire retardant fabric can be custom fitted to nearly any size and effectively seals fire and wind blown embers out from crawl spaces, vents, roof decking and other structural openings. They can also be used as fire blocks between rooms and over doors, and over windows as an alternative to ClearShield Laminates. FireShield fabric cost when fabricated to custom specifications is approximately $12/sqft. All projects are custom quoted. Please contact us for a FREE onsite consultation and estimate.

Benefits of FireShield Fabric Covers

• Will not burn and provides long-lasting insulation to over 2300 degrees
• Creates no smoke or fumes when hit by flames
• Can be used to secure vents, structural openings, or manufactured into covers and frames. 
• A great added measure for lining safe rooms and shelters
• Incorporated into fire shelters for firefighters and Forest Service

Sun Fire Defense CEO & Founder, Jim Moseley, uses a 2000°C+ MAPP Gas Torch to melt a penny on his hand, using only a 1/2″ piece of FireShield fabric as protection.

The FireShield Installation Process:

A comprehensive assessment is done of the property to determine what areas and structural openings are at risk for fire or for windblown burning embers. These areas are measured and the best method of covering/installation is decided. Next, FireShield fabric material is ordered from warehousing. Custom covers or blocks are crafted using high-temperature, ceramic based thread, then sheathed in a foil wrapper for weatherproofing. Once the custom covers are complete and inspected, workers arrive, and depending on the area to be covered install the cover or install eyelets so that the cover can be quickly mounted in place in the event of an approaching wildfire. For roofing applications, the material (without the a foil liner) is placed between the plywood roof decking and the felt matting during the re-roofing process. Even with fire-rated concrete shingle or tile roofs, flames and embers can transfer heat through the roofing material and ignite the underlying plywood. Installation of our FireShield fabric provides enduring protection, ensuring that any heat or flames that come in contact with your roof will not catch the decking and house on fire.

Sun FireDefense products will defend your property and significantly reduce risk, to protect your family and home from future wildfires.


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