SPF3000 Clear Spray is a long-lasting fire retardant coating through a silicone ceramic formula that provides Class A rated insulation and fire resistance up to 3000°F.  It is a pre- or post-treatment designed for interior and exterior applications and effective on most absorbent materials such as. It creates a molecular bond to the substrate on which it is applied creating a self extinguishing reaction when hit by flame, preventing the ignition and spread of fire on treated materials. The product dries clear and without residue and does not alter the structural integrity of wood. The life of the flame retardation is 5+ years for exterior applications and indefinite for most interior applications. SPF 3000 Clear Spray can be applied by spraying, immersing, brushing, or rolling. After curing for 48 hours it be painted with most latex-based paints. Concentrated solutions are available that can be mixed with most water-based paints and stains. SPF 3000 Clear Spray also contains inhibitors effective against mold/mildew, rot and termites. Material cost is approximately $3/square foot.

Some of the Applications:

  • Residential Wildfire Protection from burning embers
  • Reduce the risk and spread of fire in Apartment Building, Movie Theaters, Casinos, Haunted Houses, Schools, Restaurants, and more.
  • Reduce risk and spread of fire aboard boats, yachts, cruise liners and other vessels.

FireShield Fabric is a thin and flexible fire retardant and insulating material can be used for myriad residential, commercial and marine fire protection applications. The ceramic wood based material is a flexible cloth that comes in thicknesses from 1/4″ to 2″, with 1/2″ or thinner being sufficient for hours-long protection from traditionally fueled fires and thicker options being suitable for hydrocarbon based fires in commercial, marine or military applications. Material cost is approximately $10/square foot.

Some of the Applications

  • Contain fires onboard vessels: Line engine rooms, electrical boxes, battery housings, bulkheads.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones: Line fire shelters, safe rooms, emergency shelters
  • Defend structures from wildfire: Seal vents, windows, doors and other structural openings from fire. Use as a roof liner between roofing material and roof decking.
  • Protect structural steel from collapse in fire. Sun FireDefense’s FireShield material protects steel beams from fire for periods of up to thirty (30) minute rating: 32000F, one (1) hour rating: 27000F and two (2) hour rating: 18500F.
  • Prevent collapse of train/railway tunnels by lining with FireShield material

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SPF 3000 Clear Spray – Data Sheet

SPF3000 Clear Spray – Contractor Sheet

SPF3000 Clear Spray – UL Approval, ASTM-E2768-11 Test Report

FireShield Fabric – Data Sheet

FireShield Fabric – Holmes Fire Review Report

SPF3000 Clear Spray – Bonneville Power Administration, US Department of Energy – Lightning Strike Simulation Test Report

SPF3000 Base – Materials Safety Data Sheet

SPF3000 Hi-Temp Additive – Materials Safety Data Sheet