James E. Moseley, Sun FireDefense Founder and CEO, accepting the 2014 Patrick Soon-Shiong/LA Business Journal Innovation Award

Fire safety has always been a necessity, especially for individuals like firefighters. With accidents happening more often than they should, we began our journey with the goal of developing a fire retardant product that could enhance the safety of these individuals. As we made strides in protecting firefighters we saw opportunities to adapt our technologies for several other markets. As we’ve progressed, we’ve caught the eye of numerous news and media establishments that have driven others to learn more about our products.

The Malibu Times Magazine – March 15, 2018
“Combating Fire”


Montecito Journal – January 4, 2018
“Sun FireDefense: Wildfire’s Worst Enemy”


Del Mar Times – June 16, 2017
“Company extends fire-protection services to North County homes”


The Daily Courier – April 15, 2015
“Development of next-gen fire shelter moves to next stage”


LA Times – November 30, 2013
“Valencia man’s idea may better protect firefighters from intense heat”


Discovery Channel Feature

Discovery Channel was curious about the progress in the development of a new fire shelter and flame retardant blanket by Sun FireDefense after 19 firefighters died using the standard issue fire shelters in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona in 2013. Discovery producers were amazed after meeting with Sun FireDefense CEO Jim Moseley and seeing a demonstration of their products and newly designed fire shelters. The fire retardant shelter testing was done with Captain Patrick Talley and the Rural Metro Fire Department in Arizona for the demonstration of the first new & improved Sun FireDefense Wildland Fire Shelter prototypes. The comparison test was amazing! While temperatures inside the standard issue shelter in excess of 265°F in just 2 minutes, the new Sun FireDefense shelter reached just 106°F!

Wildland Firefighters Mark Armenta and Rick McCauley along with former Las Vegas Fire Chief and Nevada Fire Marshal helped in the demonstration with Mark going directly behind the new shelter with a 3000°F flamethrower being directed at him.  Although there were a lot of factors to consider in the Yarnell Hill Fire tragedy, certainly the shelters played a very critical roll. The demonstration was a powerful success and an important milestone in Sun FireDefense’s development of a fire shelter that is faster to deploy and better insulating than the existing shelters used by firefighters.

ABC News Channel 4

Amazing New Fireproofing Technology

“With fires raging across the country, this space-age tech could change the way we fight fires and protect our homes. The game changing technology is a multi-surface spray that can withstand up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Surfaces treated essentially become self-extinguishing. He says he developed the spray and a ceramic zirconia fire blanket, that doesn’t burn and shows complete resistance to thermal shock, based on the NASA technology used to handle the searing heat of atmospheric re-entry.”

KEYT Channel 3 & KCYO 12 News

Company Develops Spray that Helps Protect Homes From Wildfires

“SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – With fire season now year-round, many living in threatened areas are seeking new ways to keep their homes safe.

A company known as Sun FireDefense has introduced a spray for homes that extinguishes flames. The local company claims that this product will help save homes from burning down.

Will Spyrison works as a fire consultant for the company but also has 36 years of firefighting background with the U.S. Forest Service. He says this spray will last for five years, and will not wash off.

“The likely hood of the house burning down is pretty minimal. If the house were to take flames, it will get some black on it but you can take a power washer and wash it off, but it is a lot better than having your house totally destroyed,” said Spyrison.”