In order to provide some of the highest quality fire retardant products on the market, SunFire Defense has built up a team of individuals who work hard to make our mission of providing protection from fires, a reality. We’ve been able to achieve this through hard work, research, and a drive to be successful for our clients. Learn more about the individuals that make up our fantastic team that provides you with these flame retardant products.

James Moseley – (Founder & CEO for Sun FireDefense)
has been working with NASA technology along with some of the greatest minds in aerospace to create a more survivable fire shelter that can endure temperatures of over 2500F for up to 4 minutes. Jim’s next generation fire shelter combines nanotechnology in the development of materials that have mechanical properties that provide superior protection and durability during these extreme temperature that wildland firefighter face in their line of duty.

Mr. Moseley’s long term relationship with NASA’s development of a high temperature fire blanket for space shuttle reentry resulted in a roof blanket assembly for homes that stops heat transfer to a point that burning embers that land on a roof will not transfer enough heat to torch the underlayment and plywood or decking. Mr. Moseley’s SPF3000 Clear spray technology combined with Unifrax, pioneers in the fire blanket and other aerospace technology is making never before seen breakthroughs in combining fire stopping capability with day to day insulation for homes.

Mr. Moseley was honored with the 2015 Patrick Soon-Shiong Los Angeles Business Journal’s Innovator of the Year award for his fire protection applications. Further, Jim was recognized by President Reagan and the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) as one of ——— and capitalize The Moseley Group, which he later sold to CNA insurance company.

Jim attained his PhD in Political Science along with his Masters in Music from the University of Missouri. Jim took the opportunity pursue his passion in music by executive producing and performing on his Grammy nominated CD with Roger Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra.

Admiral Thomas R. Richards – COO
Admiral Richards SEAL retired in 1999, following a 30 year career in Naval Special Warfare as the Commander of all Naval Special Warfare, responsible for the planning, programming, and budgeting to ensure SEAL and Special Boat support to the Geographic Warfighting Commanders around the world. Managing a budget in excess of $550M and over 5500 personnel, he initiated the reorganization of deploying SEAL and Special Boat Units around the world in order to respond to the changing challenges facing our country. In addition to his SEAL qualifications, RDML Richards was also an Intelligence sub specialist and designated as a Navy Acquisition professional, managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Research Development and Acquisition programs for Naval Special Warfare while at Naval Sea Systems Command.

Following his service, he rose to Senior Vice President with the Afognak Corporation, and Vice President/Senior Military Advisor with Juliet Marine Systems.

He served on the Board of Directors for the Navy SEAL Foundation, supporting SEALS and all personnel being assigned to Special Warfare units, for ten years, departing in 2010 as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Tom’s combined operational expertise in areas of global threat, elevates Sun Fire Defense to another level of protection for high valued assets, especially in today’s unconventional warfare environment, giving building owners here and abroad more piece of mind through advanced technology capable of mitigating both fire and terrorist threat. After all, an explosion, whether naturally occurring or otherwise, is a sudden release of heat and energy that nearly always leads to the spread of fire.

Jim Moseley, CEO has known Tom for 25 years in and out of the Navy. We’re honored to have Tom aboard as there are few with the level of operational command experience that he has achieved.

Ricky HunleyRicky Hunley – VP of Business Development for Sunfire Defense
Ricky Hunley, a College Football Hall of Fame inductee, has close to 20 years of collegiate and professional coaching experience, business development, and fundraising experience. He serves Sun FireDefense as the head of Business Development, leading the team and advancing the company in many areas of fire protection and prevention awareness and outreach on the world stage.

Hunley was a first-round draft pick (seventh overall) by the Cincinnati Bengals and had a seven-year playing career in the NFL playing for the Denver Broncos (1984-87), Phoenix Cardinals (1988) and the Oakland Raiders (1989-90). He played in 91 career games and played in two Super Bowls. He was elected executive vice president of the NFL Players Association, serving a term from 1990-92.

Hunley began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at USC (1992-93) and gained experience through the NFL’s Minority Coaching Fellowship program working with the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers and Pittsburg Steelers during his career. A two-time NCAA Consensus All-American linebacker and Pac-10 Co-Player of the Year at Arizona, Hunley was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1997.

His NFL coaching experience also includes a five-year stint as the linebackers coach of the Cincinnati Bengals (2003-07) and defensive line coach for the Washington Redskins (2002). Hunley was a defensive coordinator in the United Football League with the California Redwoods (2009) and the Sacramento Mountain Lions (2010). Hunley joined the Memphis Tigers coaching staff after spending the previous two years working as a lead coach and instructor for Football University, and the assistant linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders in 2011.

Most recently, as Business Development Manager for Noribachi Corporation, a premier LED lighting manufacturer, Hunley facilitated and created strategic partnerships resulting in $300,000 in sales in less than a year, opening doors to LA County government, malls, and campuses.

Hunley and wife Camille have two daughters, Alexis and Kenady.

Michael KernMichael Kern – Director of Sales for Sun FireDefense
Michael is is a recognized Wildland Fire Operations Specialist that brings a diverse background in fire suppression and emergency management.

Michael has extensive practical knowledge along with a strong academic foundation. He has been responsible for the leadership, health, and morale of team members on a nationally available airborne wildfire suppression team. He has proven ability to teach complex command level emergency management.

There is not a better man to lead our team in the sales of Sun FireDefense’s wildland products. The specialized knowledge and real life experience in wildland fire will be a major benefit to Sun FireDefense.

Wellington “Duke” Leonard — Director – United Arab Emirates Operations
Mr. Leonard is an international consultant and program manager with over forty years experience specializing in the design, development, and implementation of security related services in a semi or non-permissive environment. His unique skill set and technical expertise in areas of threat, extend Sun Fire’s scope into ballistic protection within commercial structures as well as fire protection. With the defined projects that are outlined within future commitments between Sun Fire and the UAE this combination creates a higher overall safety factor in strategic planning.

As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with twenty-four years of service, Mr. Leonard enlisted as a Seaman Apprentice and retired as a Lieutenant Commander. Highlights of his Naval SEAL career include two unconventional combat tours in Vietnam. As plank owner and original founding member of SEAL Team Six, a JCS Tier One, Counter Terrorist Command, Mr. Leonard was the Officer in Charge of the rescue of Governor General Paul Scoon of Grenada in 1983, the evacuation of the American Embassy in Lebanon in 1989, and forced Manual Noriega into the Catholic Church in Panama.

Chief Ken Riddle, (retired) – – Fire Safety Advisor to Sun FireDefense
Chief Riddle has more than 40 years of experience in fire and emergency services including 28 years with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue as an Executive Fire Officer. He has been actively involved in several national fire service organizations, including the National Fire Protection Association and served on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He is currently the Executive Director for the Nevada Fire Chiefs Association. He has been an independent fire and EMS consultant for the past 25 years. He has a vast network of fire officials both nationally and internationally. Ken is a vital part of our team in an advisory and creative role and he has been able to identify critical fire protection issues and unique and creative solutions with the development of Sun FireDefense products.

Paul AzirPaul Azir – Corporate Finance
Mr. Azir is licensed to practice before Internal Revenue Service. He has extensive experience in tax planning and tax preparation for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Estates, Trusts and S-Corporations in various jurisdictions. Mr. Azir received a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, a Master’s Degree from National University, San Diego, CA in Taxation. He is a member of the California Tax Education Council, He is a member of the California Society of Tax Consultants and a member of American Payroll Association.


Harvey RosenHarvey Rosen – Corporate Attorney
Over the course of his career as a respected lawyer, business advisor and entrepreneur, Mr. Rosen has been a founder, leader or strategic advisor to domestic and international enterprises spanning the spectrum from advanced and emerging technologies to banking and finance and commercial real estate. He has served as general counsel for public and private enterprises and was the founder and managing partner of the highly respected law firm of Rosen, Wachtell & Gilbert specializing in business and banking/finance matters. Upon its merger with Buchalter, Nemer he was Partner and Chair of the Corporate Banking Practice. More recently he served as Of Counsel to the Detroit based national law firm, Dykema Gossett, developing its Los Angeles based mid-market corporate practice.

He has been responsible for the oversight and management of activities ranging from complex hostile proxy contests, highly sensitive corporate governance and regulatory matters to public and private financing transactions as well as acquisition strategies and the oversight of the management of intellectual property portfolios.

Commencing in 1999 he became General Counsel/COO for a technology company utilizing early VOIP capabilities which was being incubated by a $2billion fund and thereafter served in a similar capacity for a startup company developing and exploiting ultra-wide band wireless communications technologies. Thereafter he has worked as a consulting or active COO/CEO with numerous such enterprises in activities ranging from real estate finance to aerospace technologies and wireless technologies. He served as a special advisor to Kurdish Regional Government [Northern Iraq] from 2002 to 2004 working on establishing a banking system and building an international airport offering the first air service other than through Baghdad.

Providing public service has been important to Mr. Rosen and he has given generously of his time and expertise to organizations such as the Assistance League of Los Angles and the Boys and Girls Club of the San Fernando Valley. In addition, he has served in executive positions with committees of the California State Bar and as a court appointed Special Master in numerous sensitive cases. He has taught, lectured and mentored students in the Pepperdine University School of Law and its Graziadio School of Business.

Mr. Rosen is licensed to practice before the State and Federal Courts in California and in the District of Columbia and holds a California Real Estate Broker’s License. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at the CCNY campus of the City University of New York with a major in economics and a minor in statistical analysis. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the George Washington University Law School.

Tim Thompson – Advisor to Sun FireDefense
Tim has over 20 years of international trade, political and government relations experience. He is one of the few to have served in both President Bush’s Administrations in Washington, D.C. as a lead representative in domestic and international affairs. He founded and led a global consulting firm with concentrations in international business development, government and public relations. In 2010, he was appointed by BP to assist with their strategic communications during the Macondo oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Tim was an important advisor to Jim Moseley while working on manufacturing relations with China in a previous business.

William Jimeno – (Advisor)
William was raised in Colombia and immigrated to New York City as a boy with his family. He became a Port Authority Police Officer who survived the September 11 attacks. He was buried under the rubble for a total of 13 hours, but survived, along with fellow Port Authority officer John McLoughlin. At the time of the attacks, he was a rookie policy officer assigneed to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. He saw the shadow of the airplane that seconds later hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He rode to the WTC site with 20 other Port Authority police offivers in a commandeered bus. The collapse of the South Tower trapped Jimeno and three other officers under the concourse between the Twin Towers. Only Jimeno and McLoughlin survived. In 2006, director Oliver Stone, released his film World Trade Center, about this experience. It was Will’s cognition to Jim Moseley that had the inner steel beams been wrapped in Jim’s fire blanket it could have bought an hour or two to evacuate before the ultimate collapse of both towers. Jimeno stated “Once the beams reached 2000F, the concrete inside of the beams started to explode causing the steel to fail. The blanket would have delayed this effect. Will made the introductions to SOM and NY Port Authority.