SunFire Defense has worked hard to provide flame retardant products that will provide maximum safety features for residential, commercial and government needs. Because of our products that have been tested and proved to be successful, SunFire Defense has caught the eyes of media channels that are curious about our product and what we provide. Below are some of the individuals that have found interest in what we do, and how we’ve managed to do it.

Discovery Channel’s curiosity of the progress in the development of a new fire shelter and flame retardant blanket has risen after 19 firefighters died under the current standard for fire shelters.   Discovery producers were amazed after meeting up with Jim Moseley,  founder of SunSeeker, now SunFire Defense, and his team.  The fire retardant shelter testing was done along with Captain Patrick Talley and the Rural Metro Fire Department in Arizona for the demonstration of the first new & improved fire shelter prototypes.  The comparison was amazing with the current shelter reaching temperatures in excess of 265F in 2 minutes and the Sun Fire Defense shelter at 106F.

Wildland Firefighters Mark Armenta and Rick McCauley along with former Las Vegas Fire Chief and Nevada Fire Marshal helped in the demonstration with Mark going directly under the shelter with 3000F of direct heat.   Jim stated “it was a huge emotional conflict, not exactly a time to celebrate as we’re two years to late in the possibility of saving the 19 at Yarnell.  Although there were a lot of factors to consider in that tragedy,  certainly the shelter played a very critical roll.  The demonstration was a sombering experience, without even fighting a real wildfire that can outrun a firefighter. This is why we’re raising money to also develop a new deployment system that will open within 3 seconds as opposed to the current 20-30 second average time as well as a structure that cannot get away from the firefighter.  The fact is that only 5 of the 19 were found with the deployed shelters on because of high winds associated with wildfires.”

Watch the Discovery Channel video here: