For those of us who live in North Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, fire is a fact of life and something we know we need to be prepared for. However, the frequency and intensity of fires here is increasing alarmingly. When it comes to reducing wildfire risk to your property it’s better to be proactive than reactive. That’s why we’ve created products that can be applied today to protect your home and valued possessions from future fires.


• Prevents ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces

• Professionally applied to ensure you receive the intended protection

• Long lasting fire protection from a single application

• No messy cleanup like foams/gels/sprinklers 

• Dries clear, non-invasive application, and will not alter the integrity of your home

• Contains inhibitors effective against rot/mold/mildew and termites

• Rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials, with a Flame Spread Index of 15 when applied to wood* 

*Tested by NGC Testing Services, a NVLAP Accredited, IAS Accredited and California State Fire Marshal Approved laboratory. Ratings 25 and under are ‘Class A’ and are considered the most fire resistant building materials. The Flame Spread Index goes from 0 to 200+ with lower scores having less combustion risk. For example: reinforced concrete is rated a 0, and oak plywood is rated approximately 150). SPF 3000 Clear Spray’s rating test was performed with a single coating on unsealed Douglas Fir.

SPF 3000 is an innovative long-lasting fire retardant that provides protection against flames and burning embers, even at extreme temperatures. The aerospace-grade solution is a silicone-based ceramic formula that is based on NASA Apace Shuttle technology for insulating against the searing heat of atmospheric re-entry. The formula bonds with wood and other building materials insulating against heat transfer and creating a self-extinguishing reaction when hit by fire. This prevents the ignition and spread of dangerous flames to treated surfaces. It is professionally applied to the framing (for construction) of exterior (for finished) of a structure using an airless sprayer.

ASTM E2768-11 Test Report (30-Minutes) Class A Rating

The SPF 3000 Application Process:

Structures are first pressure washed to remove dirt and debris. Next non-combustible surfaces, window panes, fixtures and plants are masked off or covered. Then the formula is sprayed on by a trained professional using an airless sprayer. In some cases it can also be brush applied. Then cleanup and any other fire prevention measures we are implemented, such as vent upgrades, deck enclosures or window treatments. The SPF3000 Clear Spray is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes, and will cure and become fully effective within 48 hours, providing long lasting exterior fire protection on treated surfaces.

The spray can be applied to nearly any porous surface. It’s a great add on when re-roofing or repainting and is compatible with water/latex based paints and stains. Application can take place at any time and during any season (although air temperature above freezing and below 100°F are required).

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“Twice over the past decade, my wife and I have seen the flames of wildfires approach the beautiful home we built. Sun Fire Defense was the only company we’ve come across that offered a fire retardant solution that wasn’t last-minute. The process of treating our house was straightforward and took less than a week. Knowing our home and treasured family heirlooms are better protected from fire has given us much greater peace of mind. Thank you!”

-Claude Cordus,  Homeowner in Rancho Santa Fe, California