Fire is one of the greatest risks to commercial buildings and it’s critical to ensure that your business is operating within the current OSHA and NFPA guidelines. Sun FireDefense offers products that prevent the ignition and spread of flames in all types of structures, from schools, to restaurants, to high rises, to hotels, to reduce the risk of fire in your building. In the event of fire, our products mitigate damage and provide more time for occupants to escape and help from firefighters to arrive. We have two groups of products for commercial fire defense, available in various forms adapted to different applications.

“Had the interior beams in the old World Trade Center been wrapped in the 3000F FireShield
fabric it would have allowed us more time to save those who eventually perished.”

-William Jimeno,  New York Port Authority Police Officer & World Trade Center Survivor

SPF 3000 Clear Spray

Fire sprinklers may subdue flames but also essentially flood your structure resulting in a sopping and expensive cleanup in addition to any damage from the fire. SPF3000 Clear Spray offers effective protection without the mess, and is always in force even though it is invisible. SPF 3000 is a long lasting fire retardant that seals and bonds with wood and other porous materials to prevent ignition and spread of dangerous flames. It is professionally applied via airless sprayer. It is compatible with latex/water-based paints and stains. The solution dries clear and without residue and will not alter the structural integrity or wood or building materials. It has been rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials (flame spread 15). The formula also has inhibitors effective against rot, mold, mildew and termites.

Classification*  Class A Fire Retardant
Retarding Power  After treatment of retardant on most absorbent surfaces, there is little to no flame spread
Flame Rating*  30 Minutes
Flame Spread Index*  15 (on a scale from 0 to 200)
Exterior Longevity  Lasting protection with a single application
Application  Spray on absorbent surfaces. Can be applied under or over most paints and stains.
Other Inhibitors Good rot resistance. Contains mold/mildew inhibitors, effective against black mold. Good termite and pest resistance.
Cost Approximately $3/sq ft
*Tested by NGC Testing Services, a NVLAP Accredited, IAS Accredited and California State Fire Marshal Approved laboratory. Ratings 25 and under are ‘Class A’ and are considered the most fire resistant building materials. The Flame Spread Index goes from 0 to 200+ with lower scores having less combustion risk. For example: reinforced concrete is rated a 0, while oak plywood is rated approximately 150)

FireShield Fabric (fire blanket material)

Sun FireDefense’s FireShield Fabric is a wool-based ceramic fiber, drawing from NASA’s Space Shuttle insulating technology, that is capable of withstanding temperatures of over 3000°F. FireShield comes bare or foil encased and is available in nearly any size and configuration for numerous applications. The fabric will not burn and provides nearly complete heat insulation. Cost is approximately $5/sqft for raw material and $12/sqft for finished and encased covers or liners. All projects are custom quoted. Give us a call to set up a FREE onsite consultation and estimate.

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Structural Steel Protection

Existing regulations require certain elements of building structures have fire resistance, often to a Class ASTM rating. Finding out what the regulations are for your commercial building will help you ensure that safety is prioritized. Our flexible FireShield flame retardant fabric protects steel beams for fire periods of up to four hours, with varying periods depending on temperature: Up to 2 hour rating to 1850°F+, 1 hour rating to 2700°F+, 30 minute rating to 3200°F+. The blanket has a dry application that makes it easy to wrap complex shapes and while contributing a low weight to the structure. Through proprietary innovations, the weather resistant foil encapsulated material is able to be applied to the beam in a fast, consistent and effective way by most licensed building contractors.

5dreamstime_xxl_51502112Road and Rail Tunnel Linings

Cable Tray and Conduits
Our FireShield material is an ideal wrap for control and instrument cable trays. It is lightweight, easy, and quick to install. It provides high-temperature insulation and fire protection for both hydrocarbon and cellulosic fires and will not give off any smoke or fumes.

Fire Protection of Military Vessels
We offer a fully tested solution to structural fire protection for hydrocarbon fire on major combat vessels. Our FireShield material is effective for various time periods depending on fire temperature: 2 hour rating to 1850°F+, 1 hour rating to 2700°F+, 30 minute rating to 3200°F+ and can be applied for fire protection of bulkheads and decks.

Jet and Hydrocarbon Fire Protection of Pipes and Vessels
For vessels in need of dry installation, FireShield material can be used to contain heat in any temperature range. Our material is easy and quick to install, there is no welding necessary to substrate. It contains heat
and prevents spread of fire and gives off no noxious fumes or smoke when hit by flame.

Create Fire Proof Doors and Fight Fire Spread
FireShield material is a perfect for lining for fire protection in steel door cores. The materials is lightweight and an acoustic insulator that is non-combustible. This fire retardant blanket can maintain a density as low as 96kg/m∆ and provides lower weight than traditional fiber products. Testing has been done in for marine buildings and industrial applications and provided protection from the fire for up to 120 minutes. Our 1″ liner provides fire protection for at least 60 minutes in timber fire doors. It meets the integrity and insulation requirements of the new EN fire test with weight savings of 20-50% compared to alternative door cores.

You can count on Sun FireDefense to provide you with safety.