vailKnown to be one of the most prestigious ski resorts in Colorado, Vail is a Swiss-style village full of high end boutiques, fine dining, and some of the best skiing you can find in the state. This resort provides over 5,000 acres worth of skiing trails, drawing in quite the crowd every winter. For those that reside in this beautiful town, the cost of living is not cheap. These luxurious homes get a beautiful view year round, and access to the quaint downtown area, the only downside being the high risk of fires.

The combination of the Colorado drought, and the endless amounts of trees and brush that make up Vail create the perfect environment for fires to spread. Homes in mountain towns, such as vail, are said to have a 42% high risk of encountering a wildfire. Because of this, individuals in these types of towns have sought out ways to prevent maximum amount of damages from happening to their homes and establishment. This is where SunFire Defense comes into action.

We have created a flame retardant coating for your homes and valuable belongings so that minimal damage is done in the event of a fire. We have also designed fire retardant blankets that can protect individuals, and parts of a building’s infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to provide safety from a fire for your residence, commercial building or for government jobs, SunFire Defense has the products to help you.

For more information on our products, visit any of our specialty pages. If you have questions regarding the use of products or are looking for an estimate, contact SunFire Defense by submitting a form online, sending an email, or calling our office at 818-486-4662.