steamboatSteamboat Springs is notorious for its beautiful skiing, plentiful hot springs and the annual balloon festival that takes place. This gorgeous city has plenty to offer to people from Colorado as well as people that are traveling across the country to enjoy these features. Because of it’s beauty and the crowd that is driven to this area, the cost of living is high. The homes and establishments that build up this community are luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. With buildings that have so much put into them, this community is one that has looked heavily into the ever improving fire retardant products.

This mountain town made the list of Colorado’s largest wildfires. In 2002, over 31,000 acres were burnt from a wildfire. The area that caught fire spread to a larger area that had suffered a blowdown 5 years prior, only adding fuel to the fire. It took nearly a month to contain this fire, with the help of roughly 400 firefighters. The size of this fire shows how much damage can be done from something so sporadic. That’s where SunFire Defense comes into action.

We have created a flame retardant coating for your homes and valuable belongings so that minimal damage is done in the event of a fire. We have also designed fire retardant blankets that can protect individuals, and parts of a building’s infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to provide safety from a fire for your residence, commercial building or for government jobs, SunFire Defense has the products to help you.

For more information on our products, visit any of our specialty pages. If you have questions regarding the use of products or are looking for an estimate, contact SunFire Defense by submitting a form online, sending an email, or calling our office at 818-486-4662.