cardiffThe beach community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, is a part of the beautiful San Diego County. This area draws many people in thanks to it’s gorgeous blue waters and spacey beaches. Because of that, homes and establishments are beautiful and welcoming to those that come and visit, making it one of the more luxurious places to reside in California.

Since California has been in a drought for so many years, it’s not uncommon for wildfires to start up. In such a small beach city, the homes and establishments that make it up are not only beautiful, but have years of history to them. When wildfires come and wipe them out, the damage is devastating. Because of how frequent wildfires occur in California, the prices of homeowners insurance have gone up, but this isn’t the only way that you can protect your home. SunFire Defense wanted to improve the fire retardant products that are currently being provided to firefighters and homeowners alike, and we succeeded.

We have created a flame retardant coating for your homes and valuable belongings so that minimal damage is done in the event of a fire. We have also designed fire retardant blankets that can protect individuals, and parts of a building’s infrastructure. Each of these products has been tested and yielded results that support it’s high quality protection. Whether you’re looking to provide safety from a fire for your residence, commercial building or for government jobs, SunFire Defense has the products to help you.

For more information on our products, visit any of our specialty pages. If you have questions regarding the use of products or are looking for an estimate, contact SunFire Defense by submitting a form online, sending an email, or calling our office at 818-486-4662.