Sun FireDefense is a leading provider of Fire Prevention and Protection Solutions.

Our focus is to deliver advanced fire protection technology. This is accomplished through “Space Shuttle technology transfer” that affords the benefits of high-temperature fire-protection and thermal-insulation developments from aerospace-grade Ceramic Fiber materials used by NASA.

Sun FireDefense offers fire protection coverage against the damaging effects of fire for residential homes and buildings with a line of products that include:

  • SPF3000 Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant Coating
  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket Roof / Insulation Roofing Systems
  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket for Windows, Doors and other Structural Openings
  • SPF3000 Steel Structural Fire Blanket
  • SPF Wildland Firefighter Shelter

A Fire Repellant Blanket has been developed to deliver creative life- saving solutions for our emergency first responders in the police, fire, and wildland fire communities from fire related threats. The Fire Blanket development has expanded to include protection for motor vehicles and personal property (photographs, jewelry, antiques, family heirloom, pictures, computers, Rx)