We are a premier provider of advanced fire protection/wildfire defense products in the US. We use aerospace-grade materials to deliver high-temperature fire protection and thermal-insulation that stops the ignition and spread of fire.

From Fire Chiefs, to Division Chiefs of the US Forest Service, to Wildland Fire Operations Specialists, Sun FireDefense is built on a combined over 100 years of fire service and technical knowledge in protecting your home against wildfires.

By combining aerospace-grade ingredients used in NASA’s technology for Space Shuttle re-entry and our own proprietary compounds we’ve created a suite of effective, affordable and tested residential wildfire protection solutions. Homeowners like you partner with us because can we can provide you with actionable insights to harden your home against wildfires.

We oversee application of our products through trained and insured professionals to ensure products are applied properly and provide you with their intended protection. We don’t just sell a product we offer a full Home Care & Wildfire Preparedness consultation and advise you on numerous ways to help keep your property protected and maintained.

We are a U.S. corporation whose mission is to save property and lives and offer one of the highest rated commercially available fire retardant solutions on the market. Our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. with aerospace-grade materials.

1% of company profits are donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to help the families of the brave heroes who lost their lives defending ours.


How We Help You Defend Your Home – Hardening Your Home

Our trained professionals will walk around your home with you and assess the specific threats to your property and provide actionable recommendations to help defend your home against wildfires.

Wildfire Preparedness Considerations

Topography of the site, slope, prevailing winds, fire history in the neighborhood

Roof type and condition (Class A or hardened roof?), flashing condition, chimney, roof vents, gable vents, 1/8” minimum heavy-duty metal screen, cracks or gaps, combustible materials or leaf litter buildup.

Eave vents, 1/8” minimum heavy-duty metal screen, gutter type, eaves boxed in, downspouts and gutters clear of debris, leaf/debris guards on gutters.

Siding, Garage door seal, garage vents, doors metal or wood, crawl space vents, 1/8” max heavy-duty metal screening, windows plastic, metal or wood, windows single or double pained, metal screens, decks, fences, arbors/pergolas, additions, propane tanks.

Space between bushes, brown or dead plants, ladder fuel, mulch, leaf litter or other combustible detritus, open canopy of trees, low tree branches trimmed to at least head height.

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Products to Defend Your Home

SPF 3000 Clear Spray

SPF 3000 Clear Spray is A clear coat that offers Class A rated fire protection with aerospace-grade ingredients used in NASA’s technology technology for Space Shuttle re-entry combined with our proprietary solution.

• Prevents ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces
• Professionally applied to the exterior of a structure using an airless sprayer
• Long lasting fire protection from a single application
• No messy cleanup like foams/gels/sprinklers 
• Dries clear and will not alter the integrity of the wood
• Contains inhibitors effective against rot/mold/mildew and termites
• Rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials, with a Flame Spread Index of 15 when applied to wood* 
*Tested by NGC Testing Services, a NVLAP Accredited, IAS Accredited and California State Fire Marshal Approved laboratory. Ratings 25 and under are ‘Class A’ and are considered the most fire resistant building materials. The Flame Spread Index goes from 0 to 200+ with lower scores having less combustion risk. For example: reinforced concrete is rated a 0, and oak plywood is rated approximately 150). SPF 3000 Clear Spray’s rating test was performed with a single coating on unsealed Douglas Fir.


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