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Sun FireDefense is a leading provider of fire protection and fire solutions.

Wild fire's destroy thousands of homes each year, causing families to start from scratch; no home, no belongings. SunFire Defense makes it possible for you to protect your home and your assets with our fire resistant and flame retardant coating.

When a fire breaks out in your commercial building, damage is done and lives are at stake. Make sure that you're prepared to provide safety in the chance of a fire with SunFire Defense's fire blanket. We provide property and life saving solutions.

Wild fires are hard to contain, and even harder to put out. When fire fighters and police offers put themselves in harms way, we want to make sure they're safe. SunFire Defense offers fire retardant products so that these individuals are safe from the flames.

Welcome to Sun FireDefense, formerly named SunSeeker Fire Technology. We are a US corporation with a focus on saving property and lives. Our team has worked hard to provide you with a resolution to open fire whether it be at your home, your business, or your job. Check out the fire retardant products that we offer!


Safety should always be a priority, regardless of if it's at your home, your company, or your job. SunFire Defense works hard to provide fire prevention and protection solutions for your property. Contact SunFire Defense to see what types of fire retardant products we can provide you with.


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